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Rules for this board.
« on: March 09, 2011, 04:38:10 pm »
This is the SHOWROOM. You must have a download link for your project immediately in the first post, as well as pictures, full credits, and permission from all authors involved. Any violation of this rule will result in your thread being deleted without warning. Repeat offenders will be banned.

-Downloading a Sketchup mesh and slapping it on a node/beam someone else made is not your work and your thread will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

-Post in the right section! It's not that hard.

Rules for replying
- One word replies such as 'nice' or 'cool' are spam and will be deleted
- Requesting new versions or reskins in a showroom thread is not allowed
- Complaining that it doesn't work without any specifics is completely useless and your post will be deleted
- Do not bump old threads asking for a new download link. PM the original author.
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